Work Smarter With Display Connect

Write, share, and collaborate for more engaging meetings. Make the most out of your investment in Sharp’s BIG PAD Interactive Displays. Display Connect enables interactive functionality on the BIG PAD and mobile devices connected via wireless LAN to enable sharing of onscreen content, the transferring of files, interactive onscreen writing, drawing and remote controllability of the BIG PAD from mobile devices.

• Easily connect and share information between the BIG PAD, tablets, smartphones, and PC’s
• Handwritten notes and drawings made in real-time can be viewed simultaneously on the BIG PAD and mobile devices such as PC’s, tablets, and smartphones
• Up to 50 devices can be connected simultaneously
• Files can be exchanged between mobile devices even if they are not connected to the BIG PAD
• Display Connect can also connect two BIG PAD’s on the same network to enable larger-scale interactive communications.

A&A Digital Solutions display connect
A&A Digital Solutions pen software

Pen Software

The Sharp Pen Software has been specifically optimised to work with the BIG PAD touch controller hardware. To achieve this, it has been through several software revisions to make it more responsive and easier to use. For those less confident with the software, such as a first-time user or seldom user, having access to the most used features is a great way to familiarise yourself with the tools on offer. It also means the software is not taking up too much valuable screen real estate, so reducing the feeling of a crowded screen.
Using the Pen Software, you can also create notes on documents and slides that can be saved either to your own network or linked to a cloud-based server, such as Sharp Cloud Portal Office (CPO). One of the key benefits of saving files to CPO is they can be made readily available to others. For example, if you are a teacher you can pull up lesson plans or documents you have prepared earlier from CPO onto the BIG PAD and the Pen Software will automatically access those files and directories on CPO.

Touch Viewing Software

SHARP Touch Viewing Software* is a touch-operated onscreen user interface that lets you easily manipulate different types of files, including Microsoft® Office applications, videos, and web pages. Being able to simultaneously open and handle a variety of file types allows you to have more active meetings.

A&A Digital Solutions touch viewing software
A&A Digital Solutions multi board software

Multi-Board Software

Sharp’s Advanced Multi-Board Driver takes Sharp’s award winning and state of the art BIG PAD Pro PNTH5 range and allows easy configuration of an interactive wall installation.
Having either two or three side-by-side BIG PADs using the Advanced Multi-Board Driver allows for increased collaboration and display space in corporate boardrooms, mission critical control rooms and higher-education lecture halls. Building on a unique pioneering IFPD legacy, the Multi-Board BIG PAD represents Sharp’s latest innovative insight and unparalleled experience in providing optimised and dedicated collaborative multi-touchscreen solutions.

Sharp’s premium 70″ or 80” BIG PADs are equipped with a fast, responsive and intuitive projected-capacitive 10-point multi-touch, which has been optimised for demanding meeting rooms, lecture theatres and mission-critical war-room environments. Enhanced team communication and the capturing of all creative expression means that the best conditions for decisive and productive collaboration are achieved.
Using either two or three BIG PADs in the highly productive interactive wall configuration has been made easier and more effective with the Advanced Multi-Board Driver. The single collaboration surface is larger and more responsive and when combined with the SHARP Touch Viewing Software offers a powerful and easy-to-use interface and filing system to collect and organise data from different collaborative projects.

Multi board software
A&A Digital Solutions mfp connectivity

MFP Connectivity

Documents and colour images scanned from a compatible Sharp MFP, can be imported directly to the Sharp Pen Software for display on the Interactive Display. For added convenience, image data shown onscreen including notations, can be saved to a PC, or sent directly to an MFP for printout.

Digital Signage Software

With our System on Chip (SoC) platform for Android built into the PN-B/M and PN-HB/HM range of professional smart displays and additionally, our PN-TH1 range of interactive displays with SoC, perfect for wayfinding or kiosk systems, you can specialise and customise solutions to fit the needs of your business.
You can also utilise TeamViewer, which is a tool that enables remote support and control anywhere at any time. It allows you to remotely connect to and display content on desktop computers, mobile devices and IoT devices. We know the digital signage market is at an exciting point in its evolution.

A&A Digital Solutions digital signage
screenbeam digital solutions software


Practicality, efficiency, and simplicity are at the heart of ScreenBeam’s purpose. As meetings, lectures and lessons become increasingly digital-centric, the necessity of having reliable screen mirroring technology has grown. Implemented by many industries as a more effective way to encourage collaboration and information sharing, The ScreenBeam Hub allows users to wirelessly share their screens with colleagues, students, and audiences without the stress of having to fiddle with cables or download additional apps.