The Interactive Touchscreen Table: Meet UP Edition

The Interactive Touchscreen Table: Meet UP Edition is an innovative and intuitive tool, perfect for adding dynamism to meetings and enabling team collaboration. The Meet UP makes it easy for users to interact with a wide range of technology. The table comes complete with an integrated Full HD resolution screen for the highest visual clarity, making it ideal for presenting slides, imagery and videos. The advanced P-CAP 10-point touch technology means that the screen can be touched by several people simultaneously, in a way that feels effortless and natural.

As well as lying flat as a table, the Meet UP can be tilted upwards to 68 degrees, enabling users to easily watch videos and interact with apps, resources and software available from the Google playstore. The Meet UP features a built-in Android PC, which allows the user to easily upload and display content. The WiFi feature makes streaming music and videos simple. There is also the option to plug in an additional Windows 10 PC, boosting functionality of the table and allowing users to utilise the full Windows 10 suite. With the inclusion of the Mini OPS slot, users have access to two innovative packages – Sharp’s Pen Software and Sharp Display Connect. Pen Software is an intuitive whiteboard app, boasting a range of tools and functions for ease of use. Sharp Display Connect allows for up to 50 mobile devices to be connected simultaneously via wireless LAN – perfect for seminars and training courses.

The Meet UP features wheels with lockable brakes so it be easily moved and secured safely into place. Its robust steel structure, sleek oak finish and toughened glass screen ensure the Meet UP can withstand intensive everyday use. The Meet UP is also on adjustable legs so it can be raised or lowered according to the user’s needs – great for both seated and standing users. The Meet UP also features a built-in battery pack that can keep the table charged for 8 hours – perfect for long meetings, social groups and daily entertainment.

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