Visitor Management Systems

The Optimised Visitor Management System (OVM) is a smart, secure, and easy-to-use platform designed to manage guest, employee, and contractor registration. Contact us today to enquire about our visitor management systems.

business man checking in with the sharp optimised visitor management systems

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OVM System – 15” Display

a&a digital solutions label printer

Label Printer

  • USB and Wi-Fi connectivity with Airprint support
  • Black and White label print
a&a digital solutions webcam


  • Full HD 1080p video recording with Autofocus
  • 2 integrated microphones
  • Plug and play USB connectivity
a&a digital solutions large bar code scanner

Barcode Scanner

  • Barcode scanner for 15” screen
  • Compact 2D high speed scan capabilities
  • Single green light LED aim light
  • Dual red LED scan lights

What is a Visitor Management System?

The Optimised Visitor Management System (OVM) is a smart, secure, and easy to use platform designed to manage guest, employee, and contractor registration. The system electronically monitors and records information about visitors and employees of a business or public building. The software also documents and gathers information about a visitor’s whereabouts in the facility. Visitor management systems make the visitor sign-in process more efficient, accurate, and consistent; they also provide the ability to store visitor information in a database. Visitor management software increases building security and protects facilities and employees. The software can be installed on an existing personal computer that’s already at the receptionist’s desk or it can be deployed on a self-service kiosk. Visitor management software can be integrated with identity management software and can scale according to business size and need.

The touchless sign-in feature is an intuitive and hygienic method of signing-in that minimises the chances of spreading COVID-19 in the workplace.

As guests arrive, they simply scan the QR code shown on Sharp’s interactive display using their smartphone camera. This opens a web browser on their device and prompts the guest to sign-in on their own phone, removing the need for physical contact with the device and reducing risk of COVID-19 transmission. There is no need to download a smartphone app, making the feature ideal for passing visitors.

The OVM system is Sharp’s easy-to-use platform for visitor, employee and contractor registration which was first introduced in July 2019. The system ensures that businesses always have an accurate and up-to-date list of who is on-site and supports compliance with data protection and privacy regulation, including GDPR.

The new feature enables Sharp customers to keep track of all on-site visitors and also allows for better contact tracing of COVID-19 transmissions – OVM users can easily report on who was on-site the same day as an affected individual, and if they hosted visitors during the incubation period.